The end of one of life’s journeys led to the beginning of another for me. When my daughter took over our family hairdressing business 8 years ago I needed to find another creative outlet to occupy my restless hands. Creativity is in my soul and after 56 years in the industry it was difficult to close the door on that part of my identity. After a few false starts I discovered jewellery making.

The magic and alchemy of working metal led me into a world with infinite possibilities and where there is always something new to learn. My style is diverse and I enjoy creating bespoke pieces for each client. I think this stems from my many years in the salon where you are adapting to each clients individual needs every day.

I work primarily in sterling silver incorporating precious and semi-precious gemstones. Every aspect of my process is executed by hand in my amazing garden workshop. I aim to create beautiful pieces that can capture a moment, inspire a memory or simply look beautiful with that favourite outfit.



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